Universita del caffe dell'Indonesia provides bartenders and professionals all the know-how necessary to specialize and improve themselves in all the aspects linked to the cafe's reality.

    The rich and complex world of coffee is presented and read in all its aspects, starting from the raw materials, plants, cherries, beans, botany, physiology, processing and various preparation methods: espresso, cappuccino and other recipes up to elements of style, the right ways and times to offer consumers a memorable experience.

    This is the way to become authentic artists of coffee, discovering new "tools of the trade" and new techniques to change look and style, to be recognisable and sought after on the basis of skillfulness and competence, to reach autonomy in the management of their own business and to transfer to co-workers and consumers all that has been learnt

    To receive all the information on enrolment procedures and courses, you may contact:

    PT. Bahana Genta Viktory
    Jl. Tanah Abang II No. 17
    Jakarta, 10160
    Tel: +62 21 29229818
    Tel: +62 21 29229819
    Fax: +62 21 29229819
    Email: sales@bahanagv.co.id